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The votes are in. June 5, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in pets, wit and wisdom.
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Today’s guest post is by Pioneer Hawk’s Haven Shiloh von Shiloh Special, our friend Ben’s and Silence Dogood’s beloved black German shepherd.

Hi everyone! This year’s competition at our tiny local bank to raise money for pet cancer research is over and the results are in. Each May, the Kutztown, PA branch of Fleetwood Bank puts up a poster and attaches photos of customers’ pets, giving each pet a number. (This year, I was #1!!!) Corresponding containers with each number are on a table below the poster, and customers can donate money and “vote” for their favorite pet by putting their cash in his or her container.

This year, Hawk’s Haven was especially well represented, and I’m proud to say that, collectively, we raised $75.35! Our leading contenders were our cats Athena and Linus, who each raised $19. We were especially happy for our elder cat, Tawillow’s Athena Beaumaine, a 16-year-old red Maine coon cat. She apparently even acquired a rabid following: According to one teller, the day after “voting” closed, a man burst into the bank and demanded, “Did the red cat win?!!” 

Sadly, no. The most money was collected by a boring-looking cat sitting next to a boring cat statue. (We couldn’t believe it either.) But the point was that we succeeded in raising money for pet cancer research. And if $75 doesn’t sound like much, imagine people putting 75 dollar bills (plus 35 cents in change) into those little containers. That seems like a lot of action at a very small bank to us!

Pet cancer isn’t a trivial subject around here. Our friend Ben and Silence lost my two predecessors, their adored golden retrievers Annie and Molly, to cancer. Every now and again, I catch Silence giving me “the look,” and I know she’s wondering if I’ll be stricken down before my time as well. (I’m just three, but poor Annie was lost to bone cancer at just 2 1/2.) Truth be told, given the prevalence of human cancer, I find myself giving Silence and OFB “the look” as well, and more often than I’d like. But of course I’m hoping they don’t see.

If your bank doesn’t yet have one of these fund-raisers, might I recommend it to you as a worthy cause? You can ask them to partner with local shelters, veterinary hospitals, breeders, and pet stores, and proudly display your pets’ photos for all to see and love. All of us will thank you!

                 Your friend,




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