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Seven times three is pretty silly. June 28, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in homesteading, wit and wisdom.
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Seven questions. Three responses to each. Result: Not exactly earthshaking.

Poor Richard’s Almanac has been nominated for another award, the Sunshine Award, by the wonderful SaraC of Domesteading fame (http://domesteading.wordpress.com/). Thank you, Sara! As is usual with these awards, recipients are asked to tell something about themselves. But fortunately, this time, we weren’t requested to tell readers things they didn’t know about us (we’ve pretty much run dry on those). Instead, we were asked to weigh in on seven questions.

So your faithful bloggers here at PRA, Silence Dogood, our friend Ben, and Richard Saunders got together to answer the questions. The results probably qualify us collectively for the Darwin Awards rather than a Pulitzer Prize, but here you go:

1. Favorite number:

Silence Dogood: 7

Our friend Ben: 11

Richard Saunders: 27

2. Favorite non-alcoholic drink:

Silence: tea

OFB: Who are you kidding?

Richard: There are non-alcoholic drinks?!

3. Favorite animal:

Silence: All of them.

OFB: Ditto.

Richard: My stuffed Easter bunny.

4. Facebook or Twitter?

Silence: Twitter, since as far as I know it doesn’t force you to register with it in order to allow access. But I’ve never tweeted and never will.

OFB: Ditto.

Richard: Ditto.

5. My passion:

Silence: Oh good Lord! How could you possibly have just one passion?! Please don’t make me choose between reading and writing and gardening and cooking and knitting and beading and collecting and…

OFB: Silence has a point here. I’m definitely a collector, so collecting everything in my fields of interest, from Pueblo pottery and coin and stamp collecting to seashells to ancient chess pieces to Sherlock Holmes novels and movies is huge and defining for me. But I wouldn’t have a clue about how to limit my interests to one defining passion.

Richard: If I had to choose one, it would be Colonial and Federal American history.

6. Favorite day of the week:

Silence: Every sunny day.  

OFB: Ditto.

Richard: Friday. TGIF!!!

7. Favorite flower:

Silence: Peony.

OFB: Iris.

Richard: Water lily.

Well, there you have it. Please feel free to share your own answers with us! Sara’s answers were delightful; we’d love to know yours. 




1. narf77 - June 30, 2012

Sorry but you can’t have 7 or 27 as your favourite numbers as hubby and I already chose them…”please return to the hat and pick again”…

Nooooo!!! Maybe we can each claim them for our respective continents…

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