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Spam, spam, spam, spam. July 19, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Poor Richard’s Almanac has been absolutely inundated with spam lately. Fortunately, our blog host, WordPress, has an excellent spam filter, Akismet, which catches the spammers’ comments. But they still have to be checked and deleted. Just yesterday, our friend Ben inadvertently deleted a legitimate comment that had found its way into the spam register, so we really do have to read every !@$#$%!! spam comment to make sure. Between last night and this morning, we’d managed to accumulate 35 spam comments; heaven knows how many more will pile up during the course of the day. This really isn’t the best use of my time.

These latter-day spammers all have the same agenda: self-promotion. They come up with a plausible comment that would be appropriate for most situations, such as “I love the depth of information in your posts. I’ve become a regular follower” or “My brother turned me on to your excellent blog and I can’t wait to read more.” Then they add a link to their website, which in every case appears to sell something. (Not that I’d know, I’d be afraid to open the link in case it was a porn site or virus or some other foul thing.) This is a pretty clever evolution of spam from just general worthlessness to a marketing tool. I guess it was inevitable that someone would think of it, and then it would spread like, well, spam.

Thank God for WordPress. Not only does it filter out spam, it doesn’t automatically put cheap, disgusting ads on people’s blogs that have nothing to do with the content and would cause any self-respecting blogger to die of shame. We can still hold our heads up here at PRA, even if it’s taking us more and more time to remove the spam deluge from its file.

Have you been getting much more spam recently on your blogs?



1. Jim Clark - July 19, 2012

WordPress SPAM can be fun, though. I wrote about some of the delights that I found in my net here –> http://bit.ly/Q7war9. I swear there’s a software being used that auto generates this stuff.

Wouldn’t surprise me, Jim!

2. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes - July 19, 2012

Yesterday I got a comment about how my post motivated the spammer to “buy a moose ASAP.” I was so entertained; I almost wanted to let it through…

That’s deathless, Victoria! Sadly, we don’t have room for a moose here at Hawk’s Haven. But we did just get a spam message that our blog “could be much better”! Unfortunately, we suspect this spammer is probably right!

3. Becca - July 19, 2012

I used to go through and check my spam comments but there’s just too much there. I hate that I may miss the occasional real comment but it just takes too much time to sort through! 😦

We know, Becca. I felt so guilty inadvertently deleting that guy’s comment! But yow, the spam proliferation is really eating up a lot of time…

4. narf77 - August 1, 2012

I agree with Jim to be honest…its all how you look at it! I am a “glass half full” spam lover. I settle down with a nice cup of tea to read my spam in the mornings and usually end up laughing uproarously at some of the sad attempts to infiltrate the fort knox known as Serendipity Farm. To be honest, I don’t have enough readers to warrent a barage of spam but my 3 – 7 a day is enough for me. I tracked one spammer back through the net and found that he/she is very fluent in their efforts to hijack, spam and generally mess about with other peoples hard work…It gave me a deep sense of happiness that WordPress had sieved their nefarious comment out of my mainstream comments and had deposited them protesting into my spam file where after a brief perusal, they were duly flushed into the wasteland hopefully never to be seen or heard from again! When life hands you spammers…make spamade! 😉

There’s just one kind of spam we enjoy around here, Fran: the kind that’s made it at endless and laborious length through some kind of inept translating device. As linguists and language lovers, we find the anguished English that results so uproarious that it’s well worth the time it takes to read and delete it. We’re often left laughing so hard we’re reduced to tears.

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