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Darwin Awards tryouts continue. August 8, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.

Our friend Ben hopes you’re aware of the Darwin Awards, in which people are posthumously given awards for dying in the stupidest possible ways and thus ridding the gene pool of their future descendants. (Example: A couple who thought it would be fun to toss lit sticks of dynamite from their car but forgot to roll down the windows.)

Yesterday’s news carried a story about a couple who was clearly trying to win an award. Police in our part of scenic PA arrested a woman for stabbing her boyfriend three times with a kitchen knife after he slapped her on what the story described as her “sunburned buttocks.” (Our friend Ben will refrain from speculating on how she came by sunburned buttocks to begin with, not to mention how her sunburned flesh came to be exposed for a slap when she was presumably cooking dinner. Perhaps they’re nudists.)

Since nobody actually died, this couple would be disqualified for the actual Darwin Awards, but you have to agree, it was a pretty strong tryout. We hope she remembers to bring sunblock next time.



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