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Love guitar? Watch this! August 20, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben loves guitar, and my all-time guitar hero is Jimmy Page. (Sorry, Mark Knopfler, Steve Vai, and Stevie Ray Vaughan; you guys are definitely next in line.) So when I discovered a documentary on Netflix called “It Might Get Loud,” featuring in-depth interviews about guitar-playing plus plenty of actual guitar playing by Jimmy Page, U2’s The Edge, and Jack White of The White Stripes fame, I rushed to add it to our Netflix queue. Unfortunately, it landed behind approximately 2 million of Silence Dogood’s historical dramas. I thought I would never live to actually see it.

But Silence is currently on deadline, so I cunningly suggested that she had no business wasting time watching movies and should turn the Netflix queue priority list over (temporarily, at least) to yours truly. She agreed, and I saw “It Might Get Loud” over the weekend. What a treat!!! The interviews were great, the playing was great, the archival footage of all the bands was great.

Our friend Ben didn’t think I could learn anything new about Led Zeppelin—surely the greatest rock band of all time—but I did. I learned plenty. Such as how Jimmy Page first came to use a double-necked guitar, so he could play “Stairway to Heaven,” the greatest rock anthem of all time, live.

And it was fascinating to see the varied paths by which the three guitarists had found their voices. (Jack White, one of ten children in a Southern family, found an abandoned guitar in one of the apartments his family rented. Elvis and Johnny Cash would have been proud. Given the battered, cut-into guitar he plays in the documentary, he may still be using it.) 

So our friend Ben urges everyone who loves rock guitar to find this DVD, rent this DVD, own this DVD. You won’t be sorry! And if you happen to know of similar films about Mark Knopfler, Steve Vai, or Stevie Ray Vaughan, please let our friend Ben know. Hey, guys, what’s the holdup here?!!



1. William - August 21, 2012

This post needs a response with the names of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page and Steve’n Stevie being mentioned.
Must agree with Zep as the best. How often I go on listening binges of Zeppelin driving any and all crazy. Leon Redbone (Mt. Gretna tonight) is the next artist that I’ve been known to do this with.
Someday, I’ll have to rent the DVD. Right now, I only have time for the Leon concert.

Haven’t heard Leon, William! I’ll have to scare up a CD.

2. William - August 21, 2012

Leon Redbone is a different character; not a great guitar player but a great entertainer.

3. narf77 - August 23, 2012

Zep are our cleaning crew on Serendipity Farm. We turn them up and zone out. Living in the country afords us a degree of immunity when it comes to loud wailing wafting over the river and out to sea and so its a tie between Zep, Pink Floyd, Mark Knopfler (and Dire Straits) and every other seriously good (usually U.K.) rockers and Steve being an ex guitar teacher has taught me some seriously life changing lessons since we met and I had NEVER heard a Zep song before that! (I think I was born on Mars…)

Oh, Fran! Is Serendipity really located between a river and the sea? Don’t make me cry, I hate feeling jealous!

4. trixforjames - September 3, 2012

no matter how many times i watch it, i still fast forward thru jack white, the arrogant SOB. why, why, why jack white. of all the guitarist, why the hell was he chosen to be with the wonderfully talented the edge and of course the TRUE Guitar God Jimmy Page, i will never understand. although watching the DVD TIFF press conference still provided a lousy excuse but still, there are so many other wonderful guitarists out there, Jack White could disappear and i would not care.

but yes, every second of Jimmy Page, hehehehe, i creamed my panties. hahahahahaha

I wish they’d had Mark Knopfler instead of Jack White. But getting to see Jimmy Page made the rest worthwhile!

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