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Instagram is amazing. September 3, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben and Silence Dogood love WordPress, which hosts our blog Poor Richard’s Almanac. But we’ve recently been stunned by the success of our good friend Rob’s son Christian, who posts as The Angry Ginger on Instagram. Christian is a gifted photographer, and he has about 150 photos up on his site. But what’s amazing is the response he’s generated in the two months he’s been posting.

In two months, Christian has amassed 2,000 followers and 45,000 views on Instagram. Okay, we here at PRA are almost at 500,000 views, but we’ve been at it for quite a while, and we have nowhere near 2,000 followers, even after all this time (sob). For Christian to have achieved such an amazing following and so many views in such a short time is quite a tribute to his photographic skills. Kudos, Christian! If you appreciate great photography, we invite you to visit The Angry Ginger over at Instagram. You won’t be sorry!



1. Instagram Widget - September 20, 2012


thank you for using Instagram! We just released Instagram Widget to help you show your Instagram Photos on your website – http://www.instagramwidget.com

Let us know if you’ll need any help!

Instagram Widget Team

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