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Please try a little tolerance. September 13, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben is going to defy the title of this post by being extremely intolerant, so those with extreme views, sign off now. I’m an equal-opportunity offender, so no matter what your views are, this post is likely to outrage you.

Let’s start off with Muslim extremists murdering Americans because some jackass in America (who’s now cravenly hiding) made a film that parodied the Prophet Mohammed. Excuse me, are you planning to murder our friend Ben now because I happened to blog about this? What the hell is wrong with you people! Some idiot makes an offensive film that none of us had even heard of, much less seen, and you start killing innocent people as a result? I hope the Prophet returns from the beyond and rips your hearts out and eats them.

But let’s move on and offend a few others, starting with my own faith, the Catholics. I understand that the archbishop who gave the opening prayer at the Democratic National Convention took the opportunity to blast abortion. (I frankly can’t believe that the Democrats invited a Catholic to their convention, but miracles do happen.)

This kind of thing drives our friend Ben wild. It’s not that abortion isn’t murder; of course it is. People who use abortion as birth control should be sentenced to live behind bars for life. But there’s an obvious alternative: legitimate methods of birth control.

Why bother with birth control? Because we humans are destroying our beautiful, God-given planet with our mindless multiplication. The Church should be supporting rather than opposing birth control, because God Creator gave us this wonderful world and the stupid Church should be its protector, not an agent in its destruction. And anyone who claims that they’re “pro-life” should, by God, be opposing the death penalty, opposing war, and be a vegetarian. Otherwise, shut up, you stupid hypocrites! God damn you.

Not that I don’t feel strongly about this, or about Muslim extremists or any other group taking innocent life in retaliation for one person’s offensive behavior. It’s the equivalent of McDonald’s taking out President Obama and his family because an American made the movie “Supersize Me,” which criticized the fast-foood industry. It’s the equivalent of Harrod’s taking out the BBC because actors parodied it in “Are You Being Served?” It’s the equivalent of annihilating Australia because it was unfortunate enough to spawn Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. It’s insane. Totally insane.

Please, everyone: One extremist doesn’t represent a nation. One monster shouldn’t be able to defile and define an entire group. Could we please try to exercise a little tolerance?



1. h.ibrahim - September 13, 2012

Yes I agree but this form of violence is a direct result of being insulted, butchered and colonized over and over again. Does it make it right—NO!…however, humans everywhere are so invariably human. More is the tragedy.

So true!

2. William - September 13, 2012

I take a few issues with this post and first comment.
To address H.ibrahim, that is an excuse which has been perpetuated for 1500 years. It is religious hatred. History or I should say the facts displays this.
To issue 2, our growth in population is not really as big of an issue as we are led to believe. It is our selfish desires that has led to much destruction on our planet. While Christians should oppose the death penalty and war, a theological and philosophical problem arise when confronted with war or even the death penalty. The Catholic church is against war and the death penalty, and I have not found anywhere in the church teaching advocating such. Unfortunately, man has been placed as guardians of the church. Sorry, I don’t see the vegetarian link.
A comment or blog post isn’t the medium for a dialogue that my comments will draw. I apologize for such a long comment that begs for some dialogue with brief statements that can not be backed up in these comments. This topic is complex and old as we humans.

Hi William! Thanks as always for your thoughtful comments. Usually I avoid provocative topics on PRA for the very reason you state, that a blog isn’t really the forum for them, but I was so enraged by the senseless murders coming in the wake of the anniversary of 9/11 I just couldn’t control myself. As for the Church, it just pushes my buttons when all I hear is anti-abortion (a stand with which I actually agree, but still) and never anti-war, anti-death penalty, anti-killing of any kind (this is where vegetarianism comes in). If someone claims to be pro-life, then they should be anti-death across the board. Every time I see one of those bumper stickers that says “Abortion stops a beating heart,” I just want to slap one over it that says “Meat-eating stops 100 billion beating hearts,” but since I also oppose vandalism, I control myself…

3. narf77 - September 13, 2012

This is obviously one of those topics that dad told me never to talk about! There are none so emotive and reactive than those willing to die for their faith. I would add that there are none more dangerous either…apart from those willing to believe what they read in the media and take up arms at a moments notice to vindicate their beliefs. If we all just stood back for a bit and had a bit of a think about things BEFORE we grabbed our pitchforks and formed an angry mob life on this third planet from the sun would be a whole lot more tolerable! Yes we have extremists on every single side. They are not new…they have been present among us since humanity began and they are not going to stop any day soon…the highly strung, the quick to act, the bad tempered (oops…sounds like me!). The problem is that impulsive acts do not make a populace and judging an entire race by the actions of a few lowers us right down into the extremists cesspool. There is an old saying “If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas” and its dead right. Lower yourself to the level of the rabid extremist who has bypassed their moral code and the law of common human ethics and decency and you may as well join them! Humanity has a noble core and the peripherals are always going to be a bit twisted and stage left/right. Its the nature of the beast and the one thing that we can cling to tenaciously is that humanity, like every other cyclic thing on this earth is constantly trying to achieve equalibrium. A good post and quite pertinent to the aniversary of 9/11 where there are extremists on all sides unwilling to use their God given brains to see past their dogma.

You’re so right, Fran! As my ex-father-in-law loved to say, if a dog barked at you in the street, would you get down on all fours and bark back? Let’s all try to step back and get a grip.

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