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Interview with the dog. September 16, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in pets, wit and wisdom.
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Yesterday, we realized that dogs were being shortchanged on WordPress. (See our post “WordPress: What’s hot” for details.) So today, our friend Ben is interviewing our beloved black German shepherd, Pioneer Hawk’s Haven Shiloh von Shiloh Special (that’s just Shiloh to you) to give a little equal time.

Our friend Ben: So, Shiloh, what do dogs really want?

Shiloh: All you need is love. But lots of treats and toys don’t hurt.

OFB: Democrat or Republican?

Shiloh: Hey, think I want to be strapped to the top of somebody’s car? No way! But what I really like is the idea of riding in the back of a pickup truck with the wind in my fur. Libertarian all the way for me, baby. Don’t tread on me!

OFB: I keep reading that dogs can be vegetarian. Is that true?

Shiloh: Technically, yes. But, like humans, we’re actually omnivores. And since nobody’s asking our opinion on the matter, I’d appreciate it if you kept giving me dogfood that has some meat in it, please. Not to mention that I love actual food like green beans, cheese, bread, radishes, chips, pistachios, sweet potato fries, pizza, and the other stuff you people eat. (Not too big on tomatoes, though.) Would it be too much to ask that you share it with me?!

OFB: If you could be a human, who would you be?

Shiloh: Who’d want to be a human, forced to work like a dog simply to survive? But if I absolutely had to choose a human alter-ego, it would be the Dalai Lama or Thich Nhat Hahn, since they both seem so happy all the time. Happy is definitely the way to be!

Hmmm, there you have it, straight from the dog’s mouth. Shiloh also notes that any treats contributed by readers would be most appreciated!



1. William - September 16, 2012

Hooray! Canines have a voice.

Shiloh says “Thanks, William! So, what do you think is the best dog treat?”

2. narf77 - September 17, 2012

Bezial and Earl would like to add a few words to this post…
Bezial: “Remember that dogs are NOT handbag accessories. They are here to be patted, fed AND worshipped, preferably whilst patting and feeding.
There you go…all the way from Tasmania Australia, 2 American Staffordshire Terriers 2 cents worth. (Yeh…that statement just aged me incredibly…we haven’t had 2c coins for decades!) 😉

Ha, I so agree about the handbag accessories, Fran (and Bezial)! Though admittedly, when I was in sixth grade and had my very first dog, my cocker spaniel, Hapilus, I carried him with me everywhere in a bookbag sort of thing when he was just a pup. It really helped socialize him! Or so I thought. The fact that all subsequent dogs have been socialized just fine without this step is perhaps a contraindication.

3. William - September 17, 2012

If it be food, whatever the boss of the house is eating. No chocolate, please.

Having the boss of the house pay attention.

Our dog, before we were forced to provide a new owner, loved sitting on the legs of my wife when she was scrubbing the kitchen floor.

Food, yes!!! Chocolate and tequila, no! (Shiloh for some reason equates tequila with poison after sampling some that OFB had spilled on the floor. Margaritaville is not for her!) And yes, nothing like taking advantage of a beloved person while s/he’s distracted actually doing work. Shiloh knows without doubt that no face-licking is allowed, yet she’ll always try to get her licks in if Silence is bending down trying to clean the floor!

4. Brandi - September 24, 2012

Shiloh, you sound like you have quite the spirit, and very well socialized! Kudos on your interview.
My gut tells me your not big on pickles either, unless hidden in a burger!
May the wind keep blowing .. 🙂

Hi Brandi! Burgers, yes! Buns, yes! Wind, yes! Pickles… maybe not. Your friend, Shiloh

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