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Moonstruck. September 28, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.

Our friend Ben just saw in a news item on Yahoo!’s homepage that a British police officer saw the moon and called in a report of a “suspicious light” to his department, bringing more officers to the scene to investigate. Now, I realize that most of us spend our days indoors and log more time in front of our computers than we spend looking at the world around us. But I’d say this was taking things to an extreme! What’s next, someone reporting seeing a tall, ominous figure (aka a tree) lurking outside his home? Sheesh.



1. William - September 28, 2012



2. narf77 - September 28, 2012

That would appear to be a DUH! moment much like Homer Simpson’s DOH! moments…are we actually paying these people?! to protect us!!

Yup, it’s pretty disturbing!

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