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Knitting therapy. October 9, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. The best thing about cool weather after the beautiful fall foliage is the onset of knitting season. And unlike the foliage, kniting can be enjoyed clear through spring.

I love sitting in a cold room (as ours invariably are here in Hawk’s Haven) with a pile of warm knitting in my lap. And I find the mindless, repetitive activity endlessly soothing. I tend to be one-pointed (not great at multitasking), so knitting for me isn’t so mindless that I can knit and, say, watch a movie at the same time. (Though I can certainly knit and listen to music at the same time.) But that endless repetitive stitch, the rhytmic turning of the needles, is enough to drive stress away and stop the running to-do list or worry loop in my mind.

For all you accomplished knitters out there, I don’t mean to imply that serious knitting is mindless at all. There’s nothing mindless about trying to follow a pattern or creating an elaborately knitted sweater or even a pair of socks. My knitting is mindless because I just knit scarves and belts: knit a certain set number of stitches, turn the needles, repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Simple as that.

Where my creativity comes in is in choosing the most beautiful yarns to work with, so the end result transcends the simplicity of its creation: People actually like wearing my scarves. I’ve seen people wearing them ten years after I made them. I’ve had people bring me back scarves, battered from use, and ask if I could restore them to like-new condition so they could keep wearing them. This is the beauty of the yarn, not some intricate technique.

I’m glad my scarves and belts can bring color and pleasure to other people’s lives. But even more, I’m so grateful to knitting for being such a wonderful way to calm down, to take cares away and keep stress at bay. Yes, it may all be still out there, but stitch by stitch, it’s not getting in here now. Knitting is my cold-weather safe haven. Thank goodness for knitting therapy!

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1. silver price - October 10, 2012

This week I had an overnight training class and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in the evening, so I decided to take it with me to work on for a bit of mindless knitting. I’m very excited that I’m almost finished!!!! I’m hoping that this weekend that I can get this little shawlette off the needles so I can wear it with a couple of my summer dresses.

2. narf77 - October 21, 2012

Your knitting is my crochet. I love to sit and lose myself in the process. I think its something to do with the act of creation. Making something functional from something that isn’t. I now just have to get the dog to decide not to follow his own set of processes and dismantle my crocheted items! Or…I could teach HIM how to crochet!

Oh, dear, Fran! With us it’s the cats who attack the knitting (the dog only eats rugs and coverlets). Too bad they can’t be taught a useful trade, but at least they provide companionship and mental stability!

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