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This can’t be December. December 5, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben and Silence Dogood were recently down in Nashville visiting family. The weather was beautiful: sunny and 70 degrees. Tee-shirt weather; it was all we could do not to sneak out and go for long walks along the tree-lined streets.

OFB and Silence grew up in Nashville and spent many a December there, so we can say with certainty that this is very unusual weather. It may not have snowed every Christmas while we lived there, but it was cold, and we often had white Christmases. Nobody was walking around in tee-shirts and bare legs; coats and mittens were standard December outerwear.

Here in scenic PA, we had snow in November and have had our woodstove chugging away. So we experienced a bit of culture shock (or perhaps “climate shock” would be more like it) down in Nashville. We’d pass a row of leafless trees and OFB would say, “Those poor trees! I wonder what killed them?” Silence would see a Christmas tree strapped to the top of a car, or a retail clerk in a Santa hat, and assume she was losing her mind. (Comment suppressed on that. Ow! Just kidding, Silence!)

Our experience makes us think of all the parts of the world where it’s consistently warm to hot at Christmas, and of Jimmy Buffett’s song “Christmas in the Caribbean.” We’re not generally fans of snow—shoveling, slipping and sliding, falling, breaking branches, skidding cars, ugh—but we do like a white Christmas. Our ideal would be a nice snowfall on Christmas Eve, a white Christmas through New Year’s, and no more snow until the following Christmas Eve. (Our dogs strongly disagree; both our dear departed Molly and our beloved black German shepherd, Shiloh, love and loved to race around making snow rings.) 

We’ll stay in PA this Christmas, thanks. How about you? Are you a white Christmas person or a Caribbean Christmas person?



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