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The naming of cats. December 7, 2012

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As T.S. Eliot noted, the naming of cats is a difficult matter. Our friend Ben’s niece and nephew recently adopted two shelter kittens, whom, after much discussion, they chose to call Ruby and Twinkle. (Fortunately, both cats were girls.)

Silence Dogood and I are confronting the cat-naming dilemma ourselves. We recently inherited an outdoor cat, which someone was apparently kind enough to dump off on our country property. (It’s an orange longhair, and longhaired cats aren’t typically barn cats around here, they’re almost always drop-offs.) The poor cat has adopted our property if not us—it’s extremely shy—and has been venturing daily onto our deck for the bowl of food that Silence sets out for it.

The last time we had a shy drop-off whose sex we couldn’t immediately determine, we gave it a unisex name: Sean. Eventually, that cat warmed up to us and became totally devoted and a real love-bunny. We took her, now Shawn, to the vet to be spayed and they discovered that the previous owners had already spayed her; why they’d have dumped her under those circumstances is beyond me. (Typically, pregnant females get dropped off.) Shawn was a beloved member of our family for the rest of her days.

Now we have a new sex-unknown cat, very shy but in need of a name. We first contemplated Minus, since it rhymes with the name of our clueless cat Linus and befits the new cat’s ability to absent itself from all interaction with us. We’ve never encountered such a people-shy cat. Silence and I tossed around quite a few other names, as well. But it was Thanksgiving, and we had an orange cat. Silence said, “What about Pumpkin?”

Pumpkin it is. The name is fitting, and it’s unisex. We hope our new cat will warm up to us, and that we’ll eventually be able to take him/her to the vet. If not, we’re very happy to provide Pumpkin with food and an Igloo shelter with warm towels inside should s/he wish to make a home there.

How have you chosen the names of your cats?



1. Alice - December 8, 2012

I like literary names, but you must visit my cat Clive…there is a lot about naming cats: http://alleysbackstreets.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/cats/

Thanks, Alice! And Clive is a great cat name.

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