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Batting 500,000. December 11, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in Ben Franklin, wit and wisdom.
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Poor Richard’s Almanac has officially passed 500,000 views. We promised to shut up about views until we reached the 500,000 mark, and we think we managed it pretty well. Admittedly, 500,000 views is probably small change to many blogs, but it’s big stuff for an obscure blog about whatever strikes us written by ordinary folks. In other words, we’re excited!

Astute readers who check the site stats on our blog will see far fewer views than we’re boasting of here. But that’s because we’re such Luddites that we didn’t even think to ask our friend Nan, who helped us get started, to add Sitemeter until months after we’d begun blogging. Fortunately, our blog host, WordPress, has kept track of our stats from day one, and as we write, it shows 501,012 views. Hooray!

Thank you, WordPress, for making Poor Richard’s Almanac possible. And thank you, readers, for checking up on us and commenting on our posts when the spirit moves you. You’re what keeps us going!

As for us, it’s five o’clock somewhere (in the immortal words of Jimmy Buffett), and we’re kicking off a celebratory cocktail hour. As our hero and blog mentor, the great Benjamin Franklin, memorably said, “Wine [also quoted as “Beer”] is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Amen. Hopefully we’ll still be awake and alert for Michael Buble’s Christmas special at 10 p.m. (gack, why so late?!), and we’ll post this tomorrow a.m. so you can celebrate with us. (Preferably not with a cocktail at that hour!)

             Thank you and bless you,

                     Our friend Ben, Silence Dogood, and Richard Saunders



1. Alan from Roberts Roost - December 11, 2012

So Cool and with embeded vid!!! WOW!!! What’s the world coming to? (I know, don’t end a sentence with a preposition… I can hear my wife/editor right now.) Anyway, you guys are my inspiration. Keep it up!

Er, an embedded video, Alan? Say it ain’t so! God knows, we’re such Luddites we couldn’t have done that. Needless to say, the luscious artisanal fudge referred to in the post was yours!

Alan from Roberts Roost - December 11, 2012

Must have been google or wordpress “helping” me enjoy the experiance. It was pretty nice looking (i didn’t watch it!) A couple, with a golden retriever, antique Mission chairs, enjoying a glass of something, with the fire in the background. Thought you had gone over to the DARK SIDE.

Oh yikes, Alan! Somebody’s taken over our blog!!! Lord have mercy. How did that happen?! Admittedly, seeing a couple with a golden retriever and fire and some glasses of wine would probably be better than reading our rantings and ravings, but no, we didn’t, and wouldn’t know how to, do that.

2. SCM - December 15, 2012

Oh excellent! Congratulations! I just checked in after a silly gap of preoccupation with other things, and I’m so happy to return at such a happy moment. I’m sitting here grinning mistily at the screen savoring those “I remember when…” and “seems like ijust yesterday” cliches. But I do remember when this was just a wee scrap of a blog, and I’m so tickled to hear it ping half a million. Thanks for all the cheer and interest you’ve provided for us readers, and best wishes for the next half million!

Thanks Susan! I’d hoped to get us there sooner, but at least we’re here now.

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