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Seeing Santa. December 23, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Today’s “Pickles” cartoon was priceless. (“Pickles” is a gently funny strip and one of our favorites.) It reminded our friend Ben of one of my most cherished childhood memories. In the cartoon, the grandson asks his grandfather if he’s ever seen Santa Claus. The grandfather replies that he saw Santa when he was about six. He heard a noise outside, went to see what it was, and saw a fat, white-bearded old man in a red suit walking through the snow toward the house. Then he notes that he thought it was Santa, but it might have been his grandfather in his red long johns coming back from the outhouse.

When our friend Ben was six, I too had an encounter with Santa. It was Christmas Eve, and all of us were in bed, when a loud crash shook the whole house. My Mama, who could certainly think on her feet, rushed into my room and announced that it was just Santa landing on the roof and if I looked, there would be no presents for me! Naturally, I didn’t look. But after that, nothing could shake my belief that there really was a Santa Claus. I was probably 12 before I finally learned that a bus had crashed into our ditch. (No one was hurt, but it sure made a racket.)

One never knows what will enhance the Christmas experience. Maybe it will be Grandpa in his red long johns; maybe it will even be a bus swerving into a ditch. But whatever the case, our friend Ben is all for it. Childhood memories of Santa are far too precious to pass up.


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