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Don’t give up on pasta salad. February 11, 2013

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. I can’t bear the thought of cold pasta, or of pasta salad, so often loaded with congealed mayonnaise and other fat-filled, nutrient-free gunk, apparently approved for pigging out on because of the word “salad” in its name. Just seeing it on a salad bar makes my stomach turn.

But I love hot pasta. I could probably eat it every night, if I didn’t love so many other foods, too. And, perhaps inevitably, one night, my love of hot pasta and pasta salad converged. It happened this way:

Our friend Ben and I got a late start on our grocery shopping (and every other sort of rushing-around errand). We’d been on our feet, rushing up and down various aisles for hours, by the time we hit the grocery around 8 p.m. And of course I still had to make supper for us when we got home, circa 9 p.m. Much as I love to cook, I really wasn’t up for it, or for standing on my feet a second longer than necessary.

So once we hit the produce section, I turned to the deli counter and the prepared foods. And behold, there was “Greek pasta salad,” with basil, thyme, oregano, onion, feta cheese, diced tomatoes, and olive oil (not a blob of mayo in sight). As a cold dish, it still struck me as gross. As a hot supper, it sounded delicious. So I bought a container, took it home, heated it up, made a big, crunchy salad, and fed it all to OFB after our usual post-shopping division of labor. (He hauls all the bags inside and takes our beloved black German shepherd, Shiloh, outside for a bathroom break, while I put all the stuff away and make him a post-shopping cocktail and pour myself a much-needed glass of wine before starting on making supper.)

Sure enough, once it was heated, the former pasta salad made a fine pasta dish. I have borne this lesson in mind since then. When I’ve been working late and don’t have time for from-scratch cooking, or OFB and I are out shopping late but don’t want to spend even more time or money eating out, or some other reason keeps me from the kitchen, I know I can turn to the deli counter and see if there’s a cold pasta salad that would taste good hot. See for yourself, you might be pleasantly surprised! But please, keep away from those mayo-laden atrocities; don’t try to heat them up, and don’t eat them cold, either. Eeeeewwww!!!

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1. Lea - February 12, 2013

I had not thought of heating up a cold pasta salad – I’ll try one that has an olive oil based dressing – Thanks!
Have a great week!
Lea’s Menagerie

Thanks, Lea! I think I got the idea when I saw that Greek pasta salad because we’d eaten something similar (as a hot dish) in a Greek restaurant in Asheville and loved it. Good luck with your own experiments. It’s kind of fun to see what you can find and how it turns out!

2. wschelt@aol/cpm - February 12, 2013

so how deep wqas the granular wghirte srtuff???

The memphis horn secktion woulde say snnpooooowwwww deep

Hi Will! Mercifully, we got no more than an inch or two from that storm, but sadly, the geniuses of the weather are predicting up to eight more inches through tomorrow (Valentine’s Day, sob) followed by more this weekend. I guess global warming has taken off for a Caribbean vacation or something…

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