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A tall tale from Vermont. February 28, 2013

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.

Silence Dogood here. As a passionate cook, I’m always interested in what the folks at Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country are up to. So I subscribe to their founder Christopher Kimball’s monthly e-mail newsletter, “Letter from Vermont.” The “Letters” typically focus on what Mr. Kimball and his family have been up to over the past month, and often include a word on what’s been going on at “America’s Test Kitchen,” Mr. Kimball’s flagship show.

But the part I love best is the story of old-time Vermonters, famous for nailing any situation in the fewest possible words, which Mr. Kimball always includes in his e-mails. These are always entertaining, but today’s was priceless. Here’s the gist of it:

A Vermonter bought an old, tumbledown farm and set about renovating it. He worked hard, and the place began to look great and thrive. One day, a minister stopped by. Marvelling at the improvement, the minister proclaimed, “Isn’t it amazing what God and man can do?”

“That may be,” the farmer said. “But you should have seen the place when God was handling it alone.”

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1. Huma - February 28, 2013

More jokes please!

2. Frater Zee - February 28, 2013

Vermonter and 30th US President Calvin Coolidge was a man of so few words that he was known as “Silent Cal”. A dinner guest once said to him, “I bet $10 I can get more than two words out of you.” Cal’s reply: “You lose”.

Ha! He was a man of few words indeed, to the extent that when told that he had died, one wit replied, “How can you tell?”

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