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Want more blog readers? March 3, 2013

Posted by ourfriendben in Ben Franklin, wit and wisdom.
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This morning, our friend Ben read a fairly tongue-in-cheek article advising the next Pope about how he could maximize his Twitter and Facebook following. The author, who was actually trying to give tips to ordinary folks like yours truly, suggested five ways to up your Twitter exposure.

We’re Luddites here at Poor Richard’s Almanac, which means we don’t tweet. We don’t post on Instagram or Pinterest. We ignore requests to connect via LinkdIn. And we don’t have Facebook pages. We figure we spend enough time on the internet as it is, and between managing our blogs and e-mail and looking stuff up, we don’t have the time to waste. We’d like to spend at least part of each day actually living.

However, one of the author’s suggestions for driving more folks to your Twitter feed rings true for us in our blogging lives, and it’s the easiest way we know. He said if you want more followers, tweet often. We totally agree. If you want more people to read your blog, post daily. This seems to raise your profile on search engines such as Google, and that of course drives people to your blog.

There are certainly other ways to attract visitors to your blog, such as great photos or art, or capturing a niche and owning it (“Rabid Vegan Does Vegas”). But daily posts can also build a following, and build exposure, even without the frills. A Google search of “Poor Richard’s Almanac” turns us up at #13, after all the versions of Ben Franklin’s original. Searching “Poor Richard’s Almanac blog” puts us at #1.

Needless to say, we suggest that you consider why you’re blogging before you launch a campaign to raise your status and visibility. But if you really have something to say, post early and post often. It may take a while, but it’s really all you have to do to be noticed and gain a following who actually cares about what you have to say.



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