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Dream job Down Under. March 5, 2013

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. I was stunned to see an article on Yahoo! News this morning about how Australia was prepared to pay six people $101,000 U.S. (including living expenses) to work dream jobs for six months while vacationing Down Under. Of course I had to click on the link (“Australia Offering ‘Best Jobs in World’ Contest”) to find out what those “dream jobs” were. I couldn’t resist imagining an incredibly well-paid vacation for me and our friend Ben to one of our “please let’s go there before we die” vacation spots.

As it turned out, one of the jobs really did sound like a dream come true for a food enthusiast like yours truly. The official title is “Taste Master for Western Australia,” and as the name implies, the job “requires someone willing to sample and help promote that state’s fresh produce, gourmet cuisine, world-class vineyards and quality micro-breweries and lobster-eateries.” Gee, what a terrible hardship that would be!

Unfortunately, there are a few obstacles to my racing off with this dream job in the dreamy land of Oz. First, the contest is targeted to 18- to 30-year-olds. (Though they claim that anyone of any age can enter. Right.)

This of course confuses me. I couldn’t have possibly afforded to travel to neighboring Canada or even the West Coast, much less Australia, when I was 18, and only managed to get to Canada and the West Coast by 30 through work-related conventions and marketing meetups like focus groups. (Not exactly my definition of a vacation.) Where are these 18-year-olds coming up with all this travel money?!!

Another drawback is the microbreweries and lobster-eateries, since I don’t drink beer or eat lobster, or any meat, for that matter. However, OFB, who loves beer and meat, would doubtless be happy to step up to the, um, plate (or stein). Perhaps we could share the Taste Master duties. As seasoned bloggers (again, pardon the culinary pun), we could certainly promote Western Australia’s cuisine with daily blog posts devoted to our travels and culinary adventures in Oz.

Sadly, I fear that, despite our qualifications (love of food, passionate desire to go to Australia, blogging chops), our friend Ben and I are a very long shot. But if you happen to be 18 to 30 and find yourself in need of a wonderful adventure and $101,000, or you happen to know an 18- to 30-year-old who would benefit from this opportunity, check it out on the Tourism Australia Facebook page or at http:///www.australia.com/best-jobs.aspx. Applications are due April 9, so better get a move on! Winners will be announced in mid-June, and the six jobs begin August 1.

Chief Funster for New South Wales, anyone?

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