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March madness. March 16, 2013

Posted by ourfriendben in critters, gardening.
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Silence Dogood here. It’s March 16th, and it’s snowing steadily outside Hawk’s Haven, the cottage home our friend Ben and I share in the precise middle of nowhere, PA. This is causing something of a sense of unreality, since I’m watching the snow fall through the vibrant red and green of a still-flourishing poinsettia in my home office, and our evergreen wreath is still up on our outside front wall. (We’re going to recycle it on Monday. Really.)

I’d moved the poinsettia from our kitchen table before Valentine’s Day, replacing it with a pot of cheerful daffodils, but of course couldn’t bear to toss it when it was thriving. I’ll put it out on our deck to add a touch of color with all our other plants when the time comes. (And of course plant out the potted daffodils as I always do.)

Meanwhile, it’s a warm and welcoming 40 degrees outside as the snow continues to fall and cover the footprints our black German shepherd, Shiloh, and I have made on our trips to the backyard. And it’s covering the blooming crocuses, snowdrops, winter aconites, and hellebores that OFB and I have been enjoying, as well as all the emerging bulbs we hope to enjoy in turn. Not to mention the earthworms, which the first robins, who arrived the same day our crocuses bloomed, were furiously hunting for amid the decayed fallen leaves.

What the birds, bugs, squirrels, and other critters who share the land with us are making of this snow, I can’t imagine. At least it isn’t cold, so the ground won’t freeze and presumably the next sunny day will melt all this. Meanwhile, I’m just hoping the crocuses will make it through. Hurry spring!

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