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Star Wars or Star Trek? March 30, 2013

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben read an article on the Yahoo! home page this morning about how a recent sci-fi convention pitted “Star Wars” against “Star Trek.” They had four psychologists analyze four key features of both franchises to see which one dealt with the issue better, then asked the attendees to vote for which was the better series. It appeared that, thanks to the films and subsequent series that supplemented the original TV series, at the end of the day “Star Trek” edged out “Star Wars.”

I myself would have voted for “Galaxy Quest,” the parody of “Star Trek,” as by far the best of either. But then, I didn’t grow up with “Star Trek,” so I have no iconic feelings about it and just think it looks hokey, like “Lost in Space,” which at least had the humorous villain, Dr. Smith, constantly screaming “Oh the pain! The Pain!” to riotous effect.

I did love Data in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” And of course I loved Darth Vader, Han Solo and Yoda in “Star Wars.” But was that really enough to offset all the holier-than-thou, wooden characters with their moral messages? In “Star Trek,” no. In “Star Wars,” yes. Darth Vader alone was enough to offset the sickening Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

But I’d still vote for “Galaxy Quest.” You?



1. William - April 2, 2013

Not many humans on this planet would remember “Galaxy Quest”.
Personally, I have no preference. I grew up watching “Star Trek” re-runs at 1 a.m. sitting upside down on my parents sofa.
“The Next Generation” was not as low quality as the original, but it had a neat factor even though the messages were lame.
“Star Wars” was way cooler and Darth Vader was da’ man back then. He even made Goth look cool before it was a fad.

Yes, Darth Vader was the greatest. (Bless you, James Earl Jones.) But “Galaxy Quest” is one of those must-see gems that everyone who’s ever seen “Star Wars” or any super-serious sci-fi film should see, assuming they have a sense of humor. Alan Rickman as the Spocklike character was deathless, and the earnest aliens were hysterical.

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