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The point about organics. June 7, 2013

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Silence Dogood here. I was enraged to read an article in Marie Claire this morning, picked up on my Yahoo! home page, ostensibly debunking the eight myths about salads. One of the so-called “debunked” myths was that organic salad ingredients were better for you than their chemical-laden equivalent.

The author pointed out that the freshest ingredients contained the most nutrients, so chemically produced lettuces and the like, if fresh, would be better for you than organically produced salad ingredients, unless they were equally fresh. Maybe this woman wasn’t in the pay of the chemical companies, Monsanto, and the like. But what she was saying ignored the elephant in the room.

Of course the freshest lettuces, veggies, etc. contain the most and most bioavailable nutrients. And yes, this is certainly true of organic and chemically produced produce. What this woman doesn’t address, what horrifies me, is the difference between eating a salad dosed with chemicals—pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers—and a salad free of all these toxic ingredients.

Yes, I’d rather eat an organic salad made from fresh-from-the-farm ingredients from my local farmers’ market than the freshest possible chemically raised lettuce and etc. from my local grocery. Maybe I’d lose some nutrients if the organic produce was a day or two old, but at least I wouldn’t be poisoning myself or my family. Yikes.

The debate about organics isn’t about how nutritious organic produce versus chemically doused produce is. It’s about avoiding carcinogenic, horrendous chemical contamination of our food. Let’s keep that in mind next time we buy a bag of lettuce.

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