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Where are the cicadas?! July 4, 2013

Posted by ourfriendben in critters.
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Our friend Ben, like everyone in the East, was warned to be poised for the eruption of the 17-year cicadas this summer. When these large, stout, bug-eyed insects emerged from their long stay underground, we were told, there could be a million of them an acre.

While I certainly wouldn’t want to welcome a million cicadas here at Hawk’s Haven, I would like to see at least one. Or rather, one of the carapaces left behind as the immature cicadas molt for the last time to become adults, leaving their shed skins behind, clinging tenaciously to tree trunks.

I have fond memories of those empty carapaces from my childhood. You see, not only would they cling to tree bark, they would cling to anything. Such as my younger sister’s and brother’s clothes. Sneaking up and attaching a few to said clothes was always entertaining, since neither sibling shared my love for natural history and hysteria always resulted. It’s not that I was a sadistic child; generally, I was off reading and enjoying nature and playing with our dogs and singing and thinking and generally minding my own business. But those carapaces were irresistible.

Now, I’m not suggesting that, if I did find some carapaces, I’d try to attach them to Silence Dogood’s clothes. It would probably be as much as my life was worth. But I’d still enjoy seeing them.

Have you seen any cicadas this summer?



1. Huma - July 5, 2013

I dunno—but it is not a good sign.

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