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Fast food is junk food. July 9, 2013

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here, with a really, really weird finding. Nobody has to tell us that the burgers and fries and deep-fried everything sold by fast-food chains aren’t good for us. Supersize me!

But the attempts by fast-food chains to counter their unhealthy image have, according to researchers, had a most curious and unexpected effect: The more salads and other comparatively healthful items the chains add to their menus, the more deep-fried, sugarcoated junk people buy. And these findings especially hold true for people who describe themselves as “healthy” eaters, the ones who wouldn’t dream of deep-fat frying in their own homes, the ones who eat a salad every night.

In perhaps the most counterintuitive reaction of all time, apparently these people think “Gee, they have salad, so now it’s okay for me to order a Big Mac and fries!” They don’t order the salad, just the burger and fries, or the fried chicken or seafood, or whatever. Talk about bizarre!

So folks, you can expect a lot more healthy options to crop up on your local fast-food place’s menu. Apparently, it’s good for business.

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