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Vegetarians, vegans: Beware grey hair! January 24, 2014

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Fifty shades of vegan/vegetarian grey?!

Silence Dogood here. I was reading an article about why hair turns grey when I read the most startling comment from a doctor, who said in the most matter-of-fact way that, basically, everyone knew that vitamin B12 deficiency was a major cause of greying hair. (Which, of course, is actually a matter of hair losing pigment and turning white rather than actually turning grey; it’s the remaining dark hairs that give the perception of grey.)

Well, this was a shock, since certainly I’d never heard that a B12 deficiency would make your hair turn grey. And who’s at highest risk for this deficiency? Vegetarians and vegans, of course, since B12 is normally derived from animal sources. So folks, take your B12 supplements and let’s hope you can avoid chemical hair dyes or premature greying. Yow!

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