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Let there be light. February 3, 2014

Posted by ourfriendben in homesteading, wit and wisdom.
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Calling all science, engineering, and electrically savvy types. Our friend Ben was just reading an article about all the new options in light bulbs now that traditional incandescents have been banned.

The article went to some pains to explain to us techno-idiots that the watt rating referred to the amount of energy consumed; the amount of light given off was measured in lumens. That meant that, with the more energy-efficient bulbs, fewer watts were required to produce the same amount of light, so that, say, a new 10- or 29-watt bulb (depending on the type) could give off the same amount of light as an old 60-watt bulb.

This explanation raised a question in our friend Ben’s mind. I’m assuming that all our current lamps and light fixtures warn us not to use more than, again let’s say, a 60-watt bulb because that’s the maximum energy draw they can handle. But, if we put in a new bulb that uses less than 60 watts, could we now use one that gives us the lumen equivalent of an old 100-watt bulb, thus adding more light to our homes? If so, that would be a truly wonderful development!

If you know the answer, please share it with us. Thank you!



1. daphnegould - February 7, 2014

As long as you don’t draw more than 60 watts you are fine. A 100 watt incandescent equivalent fluorescent draws only 26 watts. An LED replacement draws about 13 watts (though it varies a lot). So either would work.

Thanks so much, Daphne! It seemed like that had to be true, but I haven’t seen it addressed anywhere, so it’s nice to get confirmation.

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