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Storebought tzatziki sauce. August 25, 2014

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Silence Dogood here. I wrote about making your own “semi-homemade” falafel sandwiches in a previous post, and blithely assured readers that you could find falafels and tzatziki sauce, the Greek yogurt-garlic sauce, ready to heat (falafels) and spread (tzatziki) on your warmed pitas. I had found falafel patties and Sabra tzatziki sauce at a local Giant grocery, even here in the precise middle of nowhere, PA. But things change.

For the last several months, I haven’t seen any Sabra tzatziki sauce. There are a couple of other options, but one contains gelatin and another contains fish oil (!!!), both no-nos for vegetarians like me. It’s not tough to make your own tzatziki sauce, but what if what you’re looking for is just a simple throw-together sandwich that’s healthy and tastes fabulous?

I decided to opt for Oikos Cucumber Dill Yogurt Dip, made with thick Greek yogurt (like tzatziki sauce) and readily available in the refrigerated dip section in your grocery’s dairy aisle. But I thought it could probably use some punch. So I bought a container of matchsticked radishes and one of diced red (Spanish) onion in the produce section, plus a container of crumbled feta cheese, and when I got home, I mixed all three into some of the Oikos dip to punch it up. Then I proceeded to put my falafel sandwich together.

I drizzled the falafels with olive oil to crisp them up, then heated them at 250 degrees F. in our convection/toaster oven. Meanwhile, I halved thick pitas (not the thin Lebanese pitas that don’t hold ingredients in pockets without falling apart but are best used for scooping them). When the falafel patties were hot and sizzling, I flipped them and set the halved pitas on top of them to warm up. When everything was nice and hot, I smeared my tzatziki sauce thickly inside each pita half, then added two falafel patties, then mashed in shredded carrot and red cabbage to add texture, body, and nourishment. Yum!!!

If you can find Sabra tzatziki sauce, it will save you some time. But if not, the Oikos dip works well with minimal effort, and also makes a great dip for crudites, with or without the added onion, radish, and feta.

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1. Huma - August 25, 2014

Could you please make this for me next time I pop in.

Yes ma’am!!!

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