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More blog bizarrities. April 1, 2009

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Today brought our friend Ben, Silence Dogood, and Richard Saunders a few classics here at Poor Richard’s Almanac. First, someone came to the blog searching for “the best real poor movies.” We hope they weren’t referring to the movies’ quality.

But that pales by comparison to another search for “dead stink bug photo killed with spray.” We pity that poor photo! We hadn’t previously realized that photos were alive. But we can hardly expect to avoid mangled English on our site when one of today’s MSN headlines reads “Son of ‘Slap Shot’ actor gets shot at professional hockey.” We’d always heard that hockey was violent, but really, can’t you go anywhere these days without risking your life?!

Finally, we had our first-ever obscene comment on the blog. It was in response to our post “What to do with all those ripe tomatoes.” We assume the guy didn’t actually read the post to find out what kind of tomatoes we were talking about. Yikes!

Well, never a dull moment. What’s going on at your blogs today?


A very silly post. January 4, 2009

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. Since our friend Ben has decided to tackle a philosophical post today (see “Exits and entrances”), I thought I’d head off in the opposite direction and celebrate one of our favorite aspects of blogging, getting to see the search phrases that people have used to get to our blog, Poor Richard’s Almanac.

Admittedly, most of these search phrases are quite relevant and sensible and link directly to the subject of one of our posts. And it’s also true that when they’re not at all sensible, they still link in some odd way to the subject of one of our posts. (Admittedly, we’re still trying to figure out the origin of “shining purple salad dressing.”) But the nonsensical searches also make us laugh, and of course, that cheers us up no end. 

Today brought us an especially rich mine of these. We had “Scrooge’s feelings on the poor.” (Two guesses.) “Who are the 2009 nominators of the MacArthur Awards.” (If you happen to know, our friend Ben would very much like to speak with you.) “Stink bug allergies.” (As faithful readers know, I have an ongoing war going with the wretched stink bugs. Just yesterday, after a welcome hiatus, I saw a stink bug on the side of one of our bookcases. No matter that it’s about one degree outside, there it was, hovering over my computer and glaring at me. As I write, it appears to be gone, but since I know that at any second it will blast off from wherever it’s hiding and land on my shirt, this is small consolation.) “Do-good sourdough bread recipe.” I, Silence Dogood, must confess myself to be flattered that someone would search for any recipe that appears to be named in my honor. Maybe it would do someone good, but not being a fan of the “sour” part of sourdough bread, that someone wouldn’t be me.

The best and worst of today’s searches, however, stood my hair on end: “fresh amazon parrot eggs for sale in pen.” Let us hope that this was submitted by a parrot lover who wanted to buy a legally bred parrot hatchling in Pennsylvania to hand-raise, as opposed to someone who thought that parrot eggs fresh from the pen would make an absolutely scrumptious omelette or something. As a dear friend would say, “Yikees!!!”

At any rate, thanks to all who continue to keep us laughing—especially appreciated given today’s bleak economy—and thanks to everyone who cares enough to come onto our blog for whatever reason. We hope you stay and visit awhile!

           ‘Til next time,