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What’s your favorite winter bird? December 8, 2012

Posted by ourfriendben in critters, wit and wisdom.
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Your faithful bloggers—our friend Ben, Silence Dogood, and Richard Saunders—love to watch the birds that come to our feeders each winter. And we all have our favorites. We bet you do, too. So please choose your fave(s) from our list below, or add your own. We’d love to know which birds you love!

Our favorite feeder birds (in no particular order):

* blue jay

* cardinal

* junco

* chickadee

* titmouse

* nuthatch

* red-bellied woodpecker

* downy woodpecker

* hairy woodpecker

Other contenders:

* purple finch

* goldfinch

* house finch

* sparrows

* mourning dove

We think that about covers what comes to our winter feeders. (We love our little Carolina wrens, but we’ve never seen one at a feeder. And we’re not counting hawks and crows.) If we haven’t named your favorite, please let us know what it is! (In Arizona, it might be hummingbirds; in Australia, parakeets and rosellas.) Cast your vote and let’s see which birds end up topping the list.