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Don’t it make my brown eyes… orange?! February 23, 2011

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Our friend Ben was bemused to see that someone had come on our blog, Poor Richard’s Almanac, this morning with the query “why do brown eyes look orange.” Now, our friend Ben has observed a wide variation in brown eye shades, from so dark that the iris and pupil seem to be one through every shade of brown—chocolate, mahogany, chestnut—through the red-gold lights of claret and the green-gold-brown changeability of hazel eyes. But orange? I’ve never seen a person with orange eyes.

Intrigued, I headed to my good friend Google to see what I could find out. It appeared that someone had asked a similar question of a site called AnswerBuddha.com, and received an answer. I quote:

“Why do my brown eyes look orange? Like, if I am not in a very light room, they look medium brown, but if it is bright or if I’m outside, they are orange with black flecks in them. It looks really cool! But why is this? Other people’s brown eyes don’t always do…” [this was the end of the question, as presented on AnswerBuddha.com; whether there was more, or at least, more than “this,” our friend Ben can’t say]

“OMG MINE DO THAT TOO!!! When I put on my dark brown eye liner it makes my brown eyes look Orange. So cool. Be happy!!! its so cool. but i dont get black spec’s. (HaLlOwEeN colors!)”

Still reeling from this exchange, our friend Ben next headed to Wikipedia, which shed some light on the topic in a discussion of amber eyes: “Amber eyes are of a solid color and have a strong yellowish/golden and russet/coppery tint… Many animals…have amber eyes as a common color, whereas in humans this color occurs less frequently, more in places like Brazil and Asia…”

Well, “a russet/coppery tint” qualifies as orange in my book. Unfortunately, the Wikipedia article didn’t say specifically where amber eyes fall on the human rarity scale, though it did note that green was the rarest of human eye colors. (Our friend Ben’s parents and siblings all have green eyes; mine are blue to blue-green, depending on what I’m wearing—really!—apparently deriving from my maternal grandparents’ very blue eyes.)

Now I’ll have to try to pay more attention to other people’s eye color and see if I can find a few amber-eyed folks wandering around. So if you’re in the southeastern quadrant of Pennsylvania and find somebody staring in your eyes, it might not be a hypnotist, occultist, or pervert; it might just be yours truly trying to see if, like, OMG, your eyes are ORANGE and they look, like, so cool…