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Fabulous easy salad dressing. October 25, 2008

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Silence Dogood here (again). I wanted to share this recipe with you all before I forget. Last night, I took the famous Ultimate Mac’n’Cheese to our Friday Night Supper Club at our hosts’ request. (You can find the recipe by searching our blog for my earlier post, “The ultimate mac’n’cheese,” and can find out more about the Friday Night Supper Club on my earlier post “The Friday Night Supper Club”.) Our hosts had invited a new couple to last night’s dinner, and they arrived with a fabulous salad and a jar of the most delicious salad dressing. Oh, yum!

I of course asked Angie to tell me about her dressing, and her answer was a revelation. “I start out with store-brand ranch dressing,” she confessed. “I use two-thirds ranch dressing to one-third really good olive oil. Then I add the juice from a lemon, cracked black pepper, put the lid on the jar, and shake. That’s all there is to it.”

Geez. That’s all there is to it! While waiting for Carolyn to cook the broad beans, we were all dipping cherry tomatoes and lettuce leaves into the jar of dressing. Let me tell you it made an absolutely delicious veggie dip as well! In my experience, shortcuts, the “almost homemade” techniques, often backfire. But not this time. Try it, you will like it! In fact, I think you’ll be as amazed as I was. I’ve already put store-brand ranch dressing on my grocery list!

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