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Tell me about Etsy. January 6, 2012

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Silence Dogood here. Money continues to be tight here at Hawk’s Haven in 2012, and I’ve been thinking of trying to sell some of my work to raise a little much-needed cash. Naturally, Etsy springs to mind, since it allows people to set up “shops” and sell handmade items on its site. I know at least two bloggers who have Etsy shops, but I don’t really know anything about Etsy, except for a staggering statistic I read that over 400,000 people sell on the site. 400,000! Would that be every crafter in America?!  

Anyway, I’m hoping that some of you who have experience selling on Etsy can help me out. Is the site hard to use? (Remember, you’re speaking to a techno-moron here, a genuine Luddite.) Is it difficult to set up a virtual shop on Etsy? Is the shop format flexible? Can you actually make any money, or is it more for raising enough cash to support your own favorite crafts/collectibles habit? How much of a hassle is it to deal with the payment process? And what about the whole legal/tax/small business aspect?

Anything you could tell me would be much appreciated!

             ‘Til next time,