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This point in time. April 25, 2009

Posted by ourfriendben in chickens, critters, gardening, homesteading, pets, wit and wisdom.

“At this point in time,” that dreadful pompous-speak for “now.” But now, as spring changes everything around us day by day, our friend Ben likes to capture what each new day brings. Here in our part of Pennsylvania, we are just now in peak daffodil season, when the early tulips are opening and the last crocuses are starting to fade. Some of the points in time that our friend Ben enjoyed today:

Driving through a golden tunnel of huge forsythias spilling down the road embankments.

At a local nursery, watching an old dog roll in new grass.

Children walking home from school, taking their time in the late afternoon sun.

Goldfinches emerging in their sunny breeding plumage after a long winter disguised in olive-drab.

The red-brown earth freshly turned as the fields await spring planting.

At a small vernal pond, a pair of mallards and a pair of Canada geese quietly sharing the water.

Our redbud trees with the red-violet haze of bloom spreading over the bare branches.

The smell of freshly watered plants in the greenhouse.

Feeding dandelions to our chickens. It adds a new dimension to weeding when you know that the pulled weeds will be so nutritious and so enjoyed.

Our cat Marley once again sleeping in his favorite spot—on top of our (once again) flattened Boston fern, newly returned to the deck for the season.

The first monarch butterfly of the year, drifting over the road like a flake of fire.

Finding sturdy ‘Sungold’ cherry tomato transplants.

Bringing four perfect pink-brown eggs back to join the two we collected this morning.

Watching cherry-red bleeding heart blooms peep out under chartreuse ‘Gold Heart’ foliage.

Hearing an unseen bird sing “weed-it, weed-it, weed-it” while I was weeding the veggie beds.

Soaking up the clamorous delight of neighboring children enjoying their outdoor trampoline, surrounded by dogs and the extended family.

The last daylight filling a daffodil’s cup with a sudden burst of color.

Sinking into sleep with that blessed tiredness only gardening brings.

So many points in time that, once noticed, are taken out of time for us to treasure. What will tomorrow bring?