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The perfect party. June 25, 2013

Posted by ourfriendben in wit and wisdom.
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Silence Dogood here. Every year, my friend Cole celebrates his birthday in late August with a huge outdoor party. As a fan of cooking and of international cuisine, I really love what he’s doing.

That’s because every year, Cole picks a country and highlights its cuisine at the party. When he sends out the party invitations, he mentions the theme, giving guests plenty of time to bone up on the national cuisine. Then they’re asked to make a regional dish and bring it to the party in lieu of a gift.

Be it this year’s featured cuisine (Spanish) or previous years’ (Indian, Vietnamese, Ecuadorean, Moroccan, Korean, Ethiopian, Japanese, Turkish, or whatever), the food is always delicious and exciting, and the variety is always staggering, given the number of guests. I’m sure that this year, from tapas to paella, the dishes will be amazing.

Maybe you don’t want to have a guest list that numbers in the dozens, and maybe you’d rather eat inside when the temps hit the 90s with humidity to match. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stage your own international cuisine party. (And of course, you don’t have to wait for your birthday!)

Like Cole, after choosing the theme, you can cook some of the dishes yourself. Maybe you won’t end up feeling like you’ve actually gone to Crete or Sicily or Botswana or Hong Kong. But I promise, you’ll feel a lot closer. Fun!!!

‘Til next time,